Oak Ridge, Tennessee     Oct 8-9th

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The first Design and Engineering of Neutron Instruments Meeting (DENIM) was held at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory’s ISIS facility.  The inspiration and concept for DENIM stemmed from the lack of existing forums to discuss neutron instrument designs and capabilities from the engineering perspective.  At the conclusion of DENIM 2012, the attendees unanimously agreed that the forum was valuable and that it should continue on an annual basis and provide opportunities to visit the different neutron scattering facilities around the world.

DENIM 2013 was held at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.  The main objective of this meeting was to bring together engineers to discuss the technical aspects of designing and building neutron instruments.  Multidisciplinary engineers came together as a community to share ideas and enhance future neutron scattering instruments.  This goal was toimprove communication between engineers at different facilities and foster the sharing of ideas, both successes and failures.

There is also a LinkedIn Group dedicated to all things DENIM if you'd like to learn more.

Engineers from other labs will be introduced and there will be discussions on:

We plan to allow discussion on any subject related to instrument design. As we receive abstracts, we will develop the program to concentrate on the elements that participants are more interested in discussing. Topics may include the following: